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One Way Ticket to Procrastination Station

I’ve done literally nothing for the last two weekends. Visited friends. Met my niece for coffee. That is the sum activity total. Oh yes and baked a chocolate cake and chocolate fondants which have been completely and selflessly devoured.

Cycling? Nil pointe

Actually any exercise. Nil pointe

Big fat fail.

Adding insult to injury…

Studying, well that was a bit hit or miss too.


The angel on my shoulder is reminding me the exams will not pass themselves. The devil on the other is performing active eyerolling tricks as a form of distraction whilst sticking their sausage fingers in my ears, singing tra-la-la-la-la. Exams, exams, did someone say exams?

My life is a persistent trickle of achievement. At least some kind of simple progress. Doesn’t have to be significant thankfully, which is good because it generally isn’t. But it’s something. Anything.

Without it my head has no idea what to do with itself. It’s entirely lost. It thinks more than it should about things it shouldn’t. It creates a list of things it should’ve done but didn’t. And conversely an equally long list of did but shouldn’t have. Before I know it I’m a wreck. Literally guilt ridden at my profound ability to introduce a whole new level of lazy to mankind.

Ridiculous? Yes.

Real? Also yes.

Oh and I’m not sure it counts, certainly not towards anything ‘good’, but I watched back to back episodes of nonsense TV too. I’m not even going to admit how many episodes, but suffice to say I genuinely believe my brain may be a lesser organ as a result.

This will be a better week. Otherwise, please send help.

The Queen of Procrastination


Helen xx

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I'm just a girl, who likes to write.

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