Resigned or Re-assigned?

Similar to many others, I have been at home for the last 12 months. I have been furloughed (UK term: technically employed, but not physically working) for 11 of them.   I saw the beginnings of working from home and to some extent the practical impact of working with COVID. I expected to get back toContinue reading “Resigned or Re-assigned?”

Humble Hobby

I’ve never really been much of a hobby’s person.  I mean, I’ve had periods of going to the gym.  Hillwalking. Arts and crafts. That type of thing.  But never really a hobby and never something I’ve stuck with.  To be brutally honest, I’ve always considered socialising a hobby.  I did it a lot. Nurtured it.  Evenings out. Weekends away. Saturday lunches. MeContinue reading “Humble Hobby”

Turbo Trainer: Tonic or Tedium

There has been some recent debate about the use of the turbo trainer round our way.  We have one of those Wahoo KICKR beasts.  It seems to be relatively capable; had a few Bluetooth teething problems at the outset, but other than that it’s been grand. I use the Sufferfest app which is also good (albeit theContinue reading “Turbo Trainer: Tonic or Tedium”

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