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Twenty Twenty One; Done ✅

On the first of January 2021, I set myself a few challenges. These ranged from baking cakes to learning new recipes. Studying to reading. Yoga to cycling. Some I have achieved, others not so much. Life just got in the way. One of them however was to cycle 5,200 kms over the course of theContinue reading “Twenty Twenty One; Done ✅”

Been. Done. T-shirt. Cycling shirt actually.

Despite COVID, social distancing, a few false starts and two postponements, in August 2021 I succeeded in achieving my goal of completing the Etape Loch Ness Sportive. 106 kilometres, tens of them arduous, 1200+ metres of climbing, one monster akin to a horror movie, 3000+ riders, wind, rain and some sunshine, surrounded by some ofContinue reading “Been. Done. T-shirt. Cycling shirt actually.”

One Way Ticket to Procrastination Station

I’ve done literally nothing for the last two weekends. Visited friends. Met my niece for coffee. That is the sum activity total. Oh yes and baked a chocolate cake and chocolate fondants which have been completely and selflessly devoured. Cycling? Nil pointe Actually any exercise. Nil pointe Big fat fail. Adding insult to injury… Studying,Continue reading “One Way Ticket to Procrastination Station”

Struggle Schmuggle

So after my struggles to get back in this funny old game again, I signed myself up to a training plan with my training app of choice, Sufferfest, now Wahoo SYSTM (btw not sure I like the new format, but I’ll probably get used to it around the same time as they change it). ThreeContinue reading “Struggle Schmuggle”

Gift That Keeps on Giving

I’m a great believer in experiences, not things. Go places. See things. Make memories. When I’m gift buying, I’m more inclined to buy a concert ticket or a meal out, than I am to buy a hand cream. The gift is given. The glee is experienced. The countdown begins. The event nears closer. The detailsContinue reading “Gift That Keeps on Giving”

Down & Out: Not Quite and I’m Learning

Today I had to face the fact that I’m not as fit as I was six months ago. Sad face. My FTP has reduced; was 163, now 148. My VO2 max is down; 47 to 44. Everything is down in fact, or up when it should be down. Don’t get me wrong, that sounds overlyContinue reading “Down & Out: Not Quite and I’m Learning”

How to Celebrate Sobriety?

Another milestone comes and goes. 800 days of no booze. And still this wonderful gift just keeps on giving. I’m fitter. I’ve cycled further. I’ve cycled faster. I’ve set goals. I’ve achieved them. I’m mentally tougher. I’m physically stronger. I’m more motivated. I have more savings. I have a permanent job. I am more focussed.Continue reading “How to Celebrate Sobriety?”

Resigned or Re-assigned?

Similar to many others, I have been at home for the last 12 months. I have been furloughed (UK term: technically employed, but not physically working) for 11 of them.   I saw the beginnings of working from home and to some extent the practical impact of working with COVID. I expected to get back toContinue reading “Resigned or Re-assigned?”

Humble Hobby

I’ve never really been much of a hobby’s person.  I mean, I’ve had periods of going to the gym.  Hillwalking. Arts and crafts. That type of thing.  But never really a hobby and never something I’ve stuck with.  To be brutally honest, I’ve always considered socialising a hobby.  I did it a lot. Nurtured it.  Evenings out. Weekends away. Saturday lunches. MeContinue reading “Humble Hobby”