Stubborn & Determined

My cycling adventure; the journey from watching, to doing. Oh and some other adventures too.

About Me

I want to be the best I can be

I’m 48. 167cm. 57kgs. Scottish. I’m pretty ordinary.

But I compete. Every day. With myself. I push that little bit harder. Hurt that little bit more. Sleep that little bit less. Eat that little bit healthier. Small wins accumulate to big wins and I’m all over that.

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…if you, like me, enjoy the sport

I’m a novice rider, but everyone was once. I enjoy doing it. Watching it. Talking about it. Reading about it. Learning about it. It’s great fun, cheap(ish) and it keeps me fit. What. Is. Not. To. Like?

…if you think you are too old to start

You are never too old to be the person you want to be. I read once that its not about climbing the whole staircase, its about taking the first step. Something like that anyway. But. It. Is. So. True. Go for it.

…if you can smile in the crazy face of life

This crazy thing called life throws us some helluva challenges. If you can smile, maybe even laugh in the face of them; not take it all too seriously; Maybe. You. And. I. Can. Be. Friends.


by some inspirational humans

You are one ride away from a good mood.

Sarah Bentley

A bicycle ride round the world begins with a single pedal stroke.

Scott Stoll


Latest Posts

Snug Bug Rug

Yes, we all know enough to recognise the phrase, but is there anything better after a hell of a day than having a bath, doing a face pack, putting a hot water bottle in bed, putting on my favourite pyjamas and getting into my wonderfully comfortable bed? I know there is, but this is definitelyContinue reading “Snug Bug Rug”

Struggle Schmuggle

So after my struggles to get back in this funny old game again, I signed myself up to a training plan with my training app of choice, Sufferfest, now Wahoo SYSTM (btw not sure I like the new format, but I’ll probably get used to it around the same time as they change it). ThreeContinue reading “Struggle Schmuggle”

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