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Struggle Schmuggle

So after my struggles to get back in this funny old game again, I signed myself up to a training plan with my training app of choice, Sufferfest, now Wahoo SYSTM (btw not sure I like the new format, but I’ll probably get used to it around the same time as they change it). Three months of three hard weeks and one easy(ish)week.

Work is pretty busy, but I know I need to prioritise this if I’m to make progress with my cycling as I want to and get back to and improve on where I was. I have three busy evenings, prepping for exams, yoga class and a PT session, meaning mid week is hard, so I’ve taken to early mornings and lunchtimes instead. Get after it before or during work. One week and a half down and I’ve kept with my programme. Helped along by working from home arrangements; er em, thank you COVID.

I’m not lying when I say it’s pretty hard waking up an hour earlier. It’s dark. It’s cold. Safe to say my motivation at 5am is somewhat different to that which is present on a weekend morning when the sun is streaming in between the cracks in the curtain. But I’m there. Killing it.

Yeah right. Not quite.

But the pedals keep on turning. The kilometres are clocking up. I’m sweaty and hot. Sometimes frantically trying to keep up with the requisite cadence or power. Sometimes sitting back and recovering from my efforts. Either way, I trust the science of it all and hope to see some movement in some of those nasty numbers which had taken a tumble recently.

I will keep on trying. Working hard. Keeping one eye on the new finish line. I mean, if it doesn’t take effort, is it even worth doing?

Progress not perfection. Watch this space.

Love to all you guys out there who are also trying. Very hard. I salute you.

Helen x

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