Chastising Challenges

Does anyone else find Strava challenges addictive? I am constantly searching for the next one. Constantly checking my progress.  My latest conquest is 800km in February. Why on earth did I choose the month of the year with the least number of days?!

Anyway it’s done now. I’ve signed up. So complete it I will. 

I’ve been covering approximately 60km every second day and at half way I have reached the dizzy heights of 432 km. It’s painful at times. I feel a dull ache in my left leg which I believe is a slight weakness. It has been more noticeable when lifting at the gym. I even feel a pain in my elbows after a ride.  What on earth is that about? Holding on to something too tight I suspect.

On Saturday I reached a pain threshold around 20km. I felt like I wouldn’t make it to the end. In contrast when I reached 67km, I felt like I could cycle another 67. The mind is a powerful tool, one I haven’t fully mastered in my training.

This is a bumper month for me, being my farthest previous best in any one month was 663 km. I originally fancied the 1,250 km but it’s upwards of 83 km every other day and I’m not sure how I feel about that. Next stop 1,000, which is not a Strava challenge.  How unfortunate. 

I try to remember in amongst all of this where I started.  Initially I cycled 10 km along a very flat railway line and back again.  A total of 20 km.  I’ve since cycled 3,500 km.  Many 50, 60, 70 and 80 km rides. One 109 km. In one outing.  One cycle.  I’m very proud of that and it reminds me, that it’s progress, not perfection. One day this will only be my warm up!

And today is Monday. A new week in the 800 km challenge. Another 60 km effort required today. I will go forth and conquer. 

Strava is my new God.

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